Our Packaging Refresh
May 11, 2022

Our Packaging Refresh

Back in Earth Week, we rolled out a totally new packaging look! Did you see it? It was the first major update in more than a decade (!)

Let’s dig into a couple things that make us do a happy dance when we prep our linens to go...

Did you know? Our new package tags are printed on a beautiful, thick matte stock. It may look like paper from trees, but our new tags are actually made from textile waste. You may have heard that the apparel industry creates a lot of waste, and some of it was diverted from the landfill, and recycled into the beautiful creamy paper that makes our tree-free tags.

Additionally, we gave some thought to the stylishly patterned ribbon that slots through the tag to tie up your napkins. We intentionally made it sans logo—so you’d be more likely to save and reuse it. Your new ribbon is the perfect length to wrap around a jar of homemade salsa or a bouquet of flowers from your yard. Keep the gifting going! And when you do, please share your re-use by tagging @willowship on Instagram.