We're in Better Homes & Gardens!
May 11, 2022

We're in Better Homes & Gardens!

Tea is a big deal around here. Yep, I will always love rich, delicious coffee—but tea is a must as well. Warm beverages are definitely a “yes/and” feeling for me.

I like a caffeinated tea first thing in the morning, with something less kicky in the afternoon (currently very much into mud/wtr). If time and energy allow, I like to make the experience visually appealing: a mix of linens and ceramics, all rounded up on a tray.

This month, the most appealing tea situation appears in the pages of Better Homes & Gardens. Delicious bites, interesting teas… and a creative mix of traditional and modern decor. Even better? Our ‘Mixta’ 100% linen napkins were invited to the party!

Check out the article for design ideas, updated recipes and tea pairings. My current favorite tea sources? I shop for qimen and oolong at Portland’s Tao of Tea and get more unusual fixings for milky teas from Oakland Tea Co. I love their Rose Earl Grey with milk, vanilla and a touch of maple.

What warm beverages are your daily must-haves?