'Mixta' Block Printed Linen Zipper Pouch

$30.00 USD

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A perfect printed zipper pouch for rounding up cosmetics, pencils, gadgets or anything else!

MIXTA design
Block-printed by hand in GREY colorway on canvas-weight NATURAL linen
5" x 8"
Sold individually.

Made in Portland, Oregon.

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HAPPILY HAND-MADE: All items are one-of-a-kind, block-printed by hand, so slight variances may occur in placement and ink coverage, and contribute to the item's overall uniqueness and beauty.

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WHAT IS BLOCK-PRINTING? It's a special, labor-intensive printing process that yields a unique impression every time. After designing the motifs and cutting out my designs, I carefully apply custom-mixed, water-based, permanent fabric paint to my printing plates for each and every impression. Then I press the design into 100% linen fabric, repeating the process for additional color layers or repeat patterns. No two impressions are identical, rendering each Willow Ship item totally unique. My fabric paints contain a slight sparkle in the formula, which looks beautiful against natural linen.

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CARE: Spot clean.

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