3 Tips for Entertaining More
February 22, 2024

3 Tips for Entertaining More

Do you ever feel like we’re still oh-so-slowly unfurling out of covid lockdown?

Like, it was quick at first—the initial burst of togetherness that happened—but now? I feel like we’re all still retracing our steps back to “normal”—as in, a time when we saw each other more—so slowly it’s hard to see, but feels like a semi-permanent state.

Getting together with people I love is always on my want-to-do list. But it gets put-off, right? For some of us with kids and jobs, businesses, aging parents, and whatever else, having friends over is incredibly easy to postpone.

Add to that, I’m a massive introvert (who still does love being with people—it’s all about the right energy breaks) who has a house that is still in the capital-F fixer upper stage, and it’s really easy to put off having people over when your kitchen isn’t exactly Insta-perfect. What I’m saying is: excuses, excuses.

So, some tips for all of us—from the department of JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. Life is short and uncertain. Just gather up your people and have a time!


If you want to have people over more—and actually have fun yourself—make it easy! Say goodbye to barriers like ironing, fussy menus, showstopper desserts, and things (/ourselves?) being perfect. Having a stack of easy-to-live-with napkins is a little part of feeling ready to say, "how about tonight?"


If you want to have people over more—Have some cute stuff on hand. Napkins, plates, glasses. Mix and match is where it's at, IMO. Have a go-to stash of things that express your design POV, and it might just motivate you to send that invite text. 


Most challenging to me: If you want to have people over more and keep it simple—Make it last minute! Get out your phone, send a text, just do it. You're less likely to put it off. And, the best part? Last minute means no time to over-plan (guilty: 🙋🏻‍♀️). Take-out is great. Potluck is cool. A menu of a few hearty snacks and one type of drink is genius. Gathering is the point.

vintage-inspired cotton napkins for easy entertaining