My super simple 3-step gift idea formula
July 02, 2024

My super simple 3-step gift idea formula

From Mother's Day, to housewarming celebrations to the holidays, gifting can sometimes feel overwhelming. Can we simplify it? Is there a magic formula behind finding the perfect gift or assembling a great handful of treasures?

Not sure if it's magical, but I think there is a super simple 3-step gift formula for putting together a perfectly sweet, thoughtful mini gift basket or box: a Keeper, a Consumable and a Card.


First up: an item made to last—they'll think of you every time they enjoy it. This could be a beautiful plant or locally hand-crafted mug. Or something usable in their daily life, but elevating: cheerful, sustainable cloth napkins, a strong, practical (and cool) tote bag or stack of zero-waste scrunchies



Meaning: something to eat, drink or apply. Locally roasted coffee goes great with that mug. A unique bottle of wine or NA spirit matches perfectly with cocktail napkins, and a gourmet pasta night gift basket is rounded out with a stack of gingham dinner napkins. Premium lip balm goes great with a couple of hand-crafted scrunchies. You get the idea.



Say "for you" with style, with a hand-illustrated card, beautiful enough to be a stealth extra "keeper" 😍.


Instead of feeling stressful, finding the perfect gift can be kinda fun right? Bonus tip: putting together a thoughtful gift is even more fun when you find your items at your local craft fair. Take a look at an artisan market: it's always easy to find the perfect Keeper, Consumable and Card, and supporting local makers is a beautiful bonus gift!